Our experts are ready when you are!

Brand Strategy

November 9, 2020

Whether it be the return of conferences and events, or the moment your offices re-open and marketing projects are all go, you can be assured that our financial services marketing experts are ready for anything.

It may come as no surprise that some companies, and furthermore, their marketing strategies, have had to adapt over recent months, to change the ways in which they communicate with audiences.

The brandforumula team has been working hard behind the scenes on various Zoom calls and virtual meetings, with more and more campaigns and initiatives having no choice but to turn to online platforms – including recent industry events, such as Airmic Fest. However, we understand that some industries are faced with uncertainty. Understandably, marketing activity may not be at the top of your priority list, but like you, we do hope it will be one day soon.

Whenever that time comes, and whenever your brand is ready to get back into the spotlight, we can support you, no matter the capacity at which you need us. With a combination of state-of-the-art tools and expert insights, we can help you to not just broadcast, but also build targeted and meaningful engagement.

We’re ready for your stand designs and builds for the next industry conference.

We’re ready for your product launches and presentations to clients, brokers, and everyone in between.

We’re ready for, and equipped with, the latest technology and digital innovations to push your brand and products out into the market. 

We’re ready, when you’re ready.


We caught up with some of the team on how our engagement experts are ready to take off.

Account Director, Eric Sanchez, commented: “After several months of very challenging times, with no physical events or exhibitions, the pressing priority now is to find a safe route back to something that is equivalent. Whether you are planning your hybrid or virtual event, or perhaps even a webinar, we’re here to help.”

Digital Marketing Manager, Elliot Krieger, reflected: “Digital has been growing consistently over recent years, but the pandemic has really highlighted the need for companies to be able to communicate with their audiences in a non-physical environment. The best way to fill this hole is by integrating all Digital aspects of your marketing plan – including emails, organic and paid social, website, SEO, and more – and the best time to do it is now.”

Creative Director, Owen Moralee, added: “Now more than ever, financial services brands need to be able to stand out from the competition. From turning your messaging into engaging media, to using this time to rebrand and refresh, we’re ready with our creative hats on to get your brand and messages noticed and remembered!”

We can’t wait to get involved. If you have a project that you would like to get off the ground running, get in touch with the team.