It’s time to celebrate creativity – IMPRA 2018

Brand Identity, Events and Exhibitions

May 3, 2018

We’re delighted to be headline sponsor again this year for the Insurance Marketing and PR Awards 2018 (IMPRA) – a platform that allows those often unsung heroes in marketing and communications teams to shout about their work and celebrate the results of successful campaigns over the last 12 months.

Understanding customers and their needs is becoming ever more important in a fast-changing market such as insurance, so it is essential that companies are investing in not only understanding those customers more – what their needs and issues are, but that they also then look to develop propositions/products that address those and not just ‘sell’ what they have. Marketing and communications can really help in that process and in the way in which companies engage with customers – being different than the competition and demonstrating the value and results that their activity/plans have delivered. 

Often, marketeers/communicators are thought of as being those ‘fluffy guys’, but there are a great number of people working really hard and delivering great results for their companies. The Awards is the chance for those teams to make some noise about what they do and show the market the value that they can deliver. So, if you’ve a campaign, a product launch, a PR campaign, some research or an event that you’re really proud of – get that entry in for the Awards and Celebrate that Creativity!!