The power of colour

Brand Identity

April 12, 2013

Do you get Monday morning BLUES? See RED with yet another eye-watering train fare increase? Still, as long as you are in the PINK with your health, that’s the main thing…
Colour pervades our everyday lives and defines our moods more than we probably realise. And now, we can see how colours represent a whole gamut of actions and emotions across different cultures. A beautifully realised infographic from David McCandless, London-based author, writer and designer. Click here to see the design in full.

From a branding perspective, it does raise some interesting questions. There is a huge amount of blue in financial sector branding but it leaves many people emotionally cold and unhappy. Conversely, Red is universally associated with success, passion and warmth. But, then again, it is also represents anger, danger and, of course, no-one wants to be in the red financially! So, what to make of it all? Maybe we should just hoist the WHITE flag and admit defeat…


Nick Patchitt, Creative Director