British Insurance Awards 2015 – event branding


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Having created the branding for the previous 3 years’ British insurance Awards, we had both the exciting but difficult task to make this years evening even more memorable and successful! No easy task as 2014’s event was widely considered “as good as could get”!


We came up with the idea of ‘Top Dogs 2015’ – a pastiche of the Reservoir Dogs imagery which was a bit more edgy than previous years and also dependant on people being familiar with a cult film from over 20 years ago. We designed and applied a colourful suite of graphics across press ads, the website, banners and all the programmes, menus and event graphics on the night itself. The graphics were also animated on the huge backdrop screens throughout the evening. The big added element of engagement came in the form of free sunglasses for all so that people weren’t just looking at the graphics but becoming part of the whole branding themselves!


The graphics and especially the sunglasses helped create a real party atmosphere and a real sense of engagement with the evening theme – especially as guests were uploading photos of themselves in real time, via Twitter, onto the main screens throughout the evening. .