Who’ll be in the spotlight at BIA 2017?

Brand Identity, Events and Exhibitions

July 3, 2017

The most hotly-contested awards in the insurance sector, The British Insurance Awards has evolved into the most prestigious Insurance Awards event over the last 23 years.

By general consensus, the last several years have been by far the most memorable – which we are bound to say coincides with us branding the events to give each year a distinctive theme. These themes have helped evolve the event, taking them into more of a party aspect. This probably reached its zenith last year with the ‘Headliner’ theme, which was a graphic pastiche on music festival posters, and the year before of Top Dogs, which took a bit of a nod to Tarrantino and his iconic Reservoir Dogs look. 

Having run its course this year, Incisive wanted to get back to the real main act – the awards. As such, the brief was to take an approach that celebrates the outstanding achievements within the insurance community.

To achieve this but to also capture the glamour and prestigious nature of the awards, we focused upon the nominees as being the genuine stars, with paparazzi-fuelled, red carpet styling vying for their photos. The branding was applied across all the promotional activities including the BIA website, Insurance POST wraps and adverts and all the programmes, table plans and animated graphics that you will see during the evening itself.

Thank you to Incisive for once again allowing us to take a bit of centre stage on their most prestigious of events – we’re sure it’ll be yet another great evening. Good luck to all those nominated and we’ll no doubt be reporting live during the evening via the inevitable Twitter wall, and sharing our thoughts soon after right here on our blog.