The gifs that keep on giving

Brand Engagement, Digital Marketing

December 15, 2017

With the festive season well under-way, what better time to celebrate the many ways that we can help create a wonderful life for your brand – so you don’t have to feel home alone!

If you’re looking for a cracker of a year for your business in 2018, see below for everything you could be filling your marketing stocking with:

Shining bright

As brands become more recognisable and interactive, adapting strategy and standing out is increasingly important. With 2018 around the corner, how can you ensure that your brand shines bright this new year?


Planning events

You would never forget to decorate your tree with baubles, and you wouldn’t serve up a turkey without the roasties and sprouts – so why overlook the key components of a successful event?

Events are about creating buzz around your brand and memorable moments for those associated with it. Just like baubles, events come in all varieties – a thanks to staff, a chance to interact with clients & prospects, or something that really shows your expertise – but the key is to add the perfect amount of glitz and glam, and for people to leave thinking ‘wow, that event was amazing’. To achieve this, everything must be perfect – from the venue and entertainment to food and drink. How can you make your event different?


PR and corporate comms

Santa has written his list and checked it twice, and has saddled up his reindeer ready to set off for his Christmas Eve travels. He’s got his system well worked out – he knows what he is delivering, he knows who the recipients are and that the gifts will be well-received, and he’s planned his route and method of delivery.

Our elves over at Full Circle Comms have a lot in common with Santa and his reindeer. By operating through trusted intermediaries, placing a brand in front of its target audience ensures exposure whilst building credibility. Communicating your message to build relationships and benefit brand reputation is what we strive for in delivering PR the right way. We carry out communications to suit brand image and values, tailoring information to increase outreach.


Brand identity and creative

As digital communications continue to rise and consumers’ voices become louder, having a stand-out brand that distinguishes itself from competitors is key.

When referring to branding, the entire customer experience should be addressed. Having a brand ring true and stay active is as important as it portraying an on-brand and distinctive image. By being consistent and creating compelling storytelling, we keep your customers and target audience engaged.


Stand out at exhibitions

Without the perfect bake and a decorative design, a gingerbread man is just an underwhelming boy-shaped biscuit. Transforming it into must-eat festive treat is all about knowing how the end product should look and getting the ingredients and design spot on. In a similar way, the most effective presence at exhibitions requires a well thought-through stand, built in the right way, with the eyes, smile, and buttons all in the right places! The more creative you can get with your stand (and your gingerbread), the more inviting it becomes next to others.

Having your stand attract attention is amazing, but what further return could you get from your investment in attending? Creating a unique experience online, as well as in person, ensures the buzz can be built up pre-exhibition, maximised on the day(s), and leveraged post-exhibition.


The power of social media

Just like a strategically-placed sprig of mistletoe has the power to make people pucker up, social media – if matched with your wider communications strategy correctly – has the power to get your audience really engaged with your content.

Matching content on social to brand values, campaigns, blogs, and your website ensures your messaging resonates across all channels. We incorporate this in every interaction, building credibility and gaining trust between the brand and audience.

Mistletoe is believed to possess ‘life-giving’ properties, just like social media has the potential to bring your brand and content to life.


Here to help

From social media to content to design to exhibition stands, we have the answer to all your brand presentation needs and are here to help! Enhance your brand through marketing next year and unwrap our services by contacting us here or tweeting us at @brandformula_uk.