RIMS 2017 here we come…

Events and Exhibitions

April 20, 2017

With less than a week to go until RIMS 2017 in Philadelphia, everything is complete, everything is packed and everything is ready to go for Sunday!

This year, RIMS is even bigger for brandformula, where we are supporting even more clients than before – across the full range of marketing and communications disciplines. So watch this space…

There is certainly a great buzz ahead of the Conference with lots of issues to discuss – many of which I am sure will involve challenges ‘this side of the Pond’ too, and I’m really looking forward to talking through the likely solutions to risk management and the view from America.

We certainly saw in a crop of reports at the turn of the year a lot of views about what 2017 might bring – reviving economic growth, reforming market capitalism through to managing technological change to global cooperation and environmental-related risks. So, lots to talk about and many views I’m sure.

Unlike many of the trade shows in UK/Europe, much of the activity at RIMS is centred outside of the Exhibition Hall, with the major players investing significant amounts on large scale meeting/business areas dedicated to hosting their guests and the planned meetings. Outside of the venue, this investment continues with a wide variety of events and parties to add to the schedule. 

It will be interesting to see how the onward march of digital/social media channels impacts on RIMS given this traditional approach to ‘meet and greet’ and building relationships. And, with so much more information to help risk managers understand and manage risk, I’m looking forward to seeing how the market demonstrates that value and ease of use of the information.

If you are joining the journey to Philadelphia from the UK and would like to catch up, please don’t hesitate to get in touch – I’m sure that there will be many questions around Brexit and the wider queries around the EU to add to the debate.


Martin Wiggins, Director