It’s never too early to engage your brand

Brand Engagement

November 18, 2016

It is really encouraging to see clients investing in the look and feel of their reception areas and the associated spaces, such as broker/client meeting areas and cafes. Not only does this new investment generate an excellent working environment for everyone, but it provides an ideal opportunity to engage the brand itself and the associated values/messaging – ranging from simple colour applications to wall and window graphics.

But with all of this investment, the question is: What next? How do we actually begin to understand some real value and return from the investment that has been made?

We have recently completed another installation for a client in the City, refreshing their reception area as well as communicating a brand refresh and associated messaging, but that was only stage one of the process. Now the ‘hard work’ begins, understanding how that space is used, how people engage with the brand/messaging and how we can evolve what is there to be more responsive and reflective – how to be relevant and resonate with the audience.

We are planning to install a range of interactive and responsive tools that will help us and the client understand the detail that visitors want, how they use the space and how we can continue to ‘serve’ content and messaging that will be both interesting and topical. The process will involve a series of ‘motion beacons’ that will map how people use the space – the areas that they go to, and those that they don’t – best make sure that the coffee is good then, as well as areas that will allow guests to interact with a variety of content and request to be kept up to date with new changes and developments within that sector/business vertical.

I’m sure that there will be questions of ‘big brother’, but given the level of investment made in these areas and the ongoing ‘ROI’ question, understanding more about these often maligned spaces is critical and such an underused tool for all communicators – from brand/marketing to internal comms and PR.

We’ll keep you posted on the developments, but if you’d like to know more about this new approach and how it might add value to you, just get in touch – our coffee is excellent!