Highlights from Hootsuite’s webinar

Digital Marketing

June 20, 2017

With the financial services industry undergoing an unprecedented transformation, the rise of social media now plays an integral role. With 74% of consumers now relying on social media for purchasing guidance, the importance of crisis planning has become key to reputation management.

Earlier this week, we tuned into Hootsuite’s webinar entitled Join the Conversation: Social Media in Financial Services, which raised some interesting pointers on how and why the financial services sector should be using social media. Here were the key takeaways we picked up:

  1. Good customer service on social is imperative when it comes to tracking and resolving complaints: 

2. Social listening is key, especially as 31% of Tweets refer to a company without including the Twitter handle: 

3. Content on social should move away from the ‘hard sell’ – thought leadership on issues that matter is more powerful than sales pitches and brand messaging

4. Facebook Messenger is now an area of opportunity. It has seen the largest area of growth as it enables a quick and personable response, and is already being implemented by companies like Think Money, as presented by their Director of Communications, Ian Williams.

Read Hootsuite’s social media trends report here to gain an insight into the technological and cultural development within the industry today.

Here’s a round-up of some of our favourite Tweets from the webinar:

  • Why the financial services industry (FSI) needs to be on social

  • Only 1 in 8 finance sector firms respond to social within 3 days
  • 31% tweets do not include the company twitter handle

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