4 days until IMPRA

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June 6, 2016

Rosie Gamble Rosie Gamble

With just 4 days to go until IMPRA & IMPRC 2016, we caught up with Rosie Gamble, Hannah Leonard and Sophie Lerway from Insurance Post and Insurance Age to get their inside views on what it’s all about and what they’re most looking forward to.

  1. What is IMPRA/C and why was it created?

IMPRC is a fresh half-day forum which is being launched with the sole purpose of supporting the people and departments that keep their businesses and brands firmly connected with their customers, working at the forefront of the markets they serve. The only event in the Insurance sector to focused solely on achieving brilliance in marketing and PR.

  1. How will this year’s differ from last year’s inaugural event?

After the resounding success of the Insurance Marketing and PR awards last year, we thought why not make a day of it?! Developed with the help of our dedicated advisory board, the conference took shape so that our guests could join us for a morning of professional development and networking before the awards in the afternoon.

Hannah Leonard, Senior Conference Producer, Insurance Post and Insurance Age Hannah Leonard, Senior Conference Producer, Insurance Post and Insurance Age

  1. Why was the Pecha Kucha style chosen for the conference presentations?

The Pecha Kucha style was chosen for 3 of the presentations at the conference to keep the event fast-paced and engaging. With only a morning to squeeze in so much great content , we want to maximise on the time we have.

  1. What are you most looking forward to on the day?

I am very excited to see Matt Holt’s keynote presentation as I am a huge fan of OgilvyOne. He has chosen the fascinating subject of humanising financial services and I can’t wait to hear his take on how the digital revolution is affecting marketing and PR.

  1. Which award are you most looking forward to?

Industry Champion of the Year, as this is new for 2016 and it is always great to see a stand-out person who is championing the industry get the recognition they deserve.

Sophie Lerway Sophie Lerway

  1. Is social media playing a big role in the lead-up and on the day?Social media has played a big role in creating a hype around this event; we knew that Twitter would be the best place to find our marketing and PR buffs! We have been tweeting our speakers as they come on board, giving our delegates the chance to check out the line-up. We also ran a photo and caption competition for one of our pieces of print marketing – well done Devitt Insurance for winning , and don’t forget to collect your bottle of bubbly on Friday!We have activity planned for the build-up to the event, and watch out for the photos afterwards on social media! There will be 2 separate hashtags for the day, #IMPRC for the morning conference and #IMPRA2016 for the afternoon. Don’t forget to use the right one when tweeting – or both!

Find out more about the awards and conference here.